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Trailers are not the first thing that comes to mind when many people think of vehicle donation. You may be aware that cars, boats, RVs and many other vehicles can be donated to charity. However, all types of trailers can be donate to charity as well!

Whether you have a horse trailer, utility trailer, cargo trailer or flatbed trailer, you can donate your trailer to Wheels For Wishes. Your need for a trailer is likely to change a lot over the years. If you once had horses or livestock but your life has changed, you'll be left with an unneeded trailer. Trailers used for hobbies such as snowmobiling or four-wheeling can become unnecessary as well if your hobbies grow or change. You may also be left with a utility or cargo trailer you bought years back to help move to a new house or carry building supplies for home renovations.

How To Get Rid Of A Trailer

Trailers take up a lot of storage space or end up killing the grass if you leave them outdoors. On top of that, a trailer is often difficult to get rid of when the time comes. Selling a trailer or trying to trade it in can be a hassle. Each trailer type serves a particular purpose and it can be difficult to find a buyer who's looking for the trailer you want to sell. Trailer donation, on the other hand, is a completely stress-free way to get rid of any unwanted trailer.

Benefits Of Donating Your Trailer

Wheels For Wishes makes it incredibly easy to donate any trailer. We accept horse trailers, livestock trailers, cargo trailers, boat trailers, RV and camper trailers and just about any other trailer type. In addition to being an easy and stress-free way to get rid of your trailer, donation also gives you:

    • The maximum possible tax deduction. Since Wheels For Wishes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your trailer donation will get you a nice tax deduction.
    • An easy way to help local children. Wheels For Wishes benefits local Make-A-Wish chapters around the country, making our program the perfect way to support kids in your state or region.
    • Free vehicle towing from just about anywhere. Wheels For Wishes will come pick up your trailer and get it off your property at absolutely no cost to you.
    • Wheels For Wishes handles all the details and paperwork. Donors don't have to deal with any of the details.

    How To Donate Your Trailer To Charity

    If all of those benefits sound too good to miss out on, you can donate your trailer to Wheels For Wishes right now! Just follow these easy steps:

    • Call 1-855-860-9474 or fill out an online trailer donation form.
    • Tell us where the trailer can be picked up and we'll schedule a vehicle towing time that works for you.
    • Save your tax receipt when it comes in the mail. Use this receipt to claim your tax deduction on next year's taxes.

    It really is that easy to get rid of your trailer, help local kids and get a tax deduction when you choose Wheels For Wishes for your trailer donation!

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